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Meet Mindy

I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®.  Since childhood, I have had an innate sensitivity to others and a heightened sense of compassion for those suffering from any kind of loss. I became especially sensitive to students at my elementary school who were bullied by other students. Beginning in high school, into college and beyond, I have devoured more than 40 books on psychology and well-being as I am drawn to and understand people who are suffering. I feel others’ broken hearts.

My college degree is Psychology, but my first professional job as a first employee was with a CPA firm where I started my career in accounting.  I rapidly excelled in my skills and positions. I was with a company for 20 years, starting as their seventh employee, and grew the back office to a successful and productive supporting operation. Unfortunately, I resigned from this job that I loved so much and it broke my heart, leaving behind relationships and friendships I developed over the years. I went into a deep depression.

During this time, I learned of the Grief Recovery Method Program through my church and quickly seized the opportunity to work through my own grief. This program jolted me into my future in helping others after I completed the 7-week program. I then became certified as a specialist in Grief Recovery in Princeton, New Jersey.

I offer a compassionate heart with caring listening skills. I hope to meet you soon to help you have freedom from a life of sorrow and loss.

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