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What is Grief

Grief is the normal and​ natural reaction to loss or change of any kind.  It is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.  Recovery means feeling better.

The death of a loved one produces emotions that can be described as the feeling of reaching out for someone who has always been there, only to find that when we need them one more time, they are no longer there.  Or for a problematic relationship, reaching out for someone who has never been there for you, and still isn't.

A belief you may have learned and practiced is keeping busy.  Keeping busy does not bring closure to the relationships.  At the end of your busy day, your heart is still broken.  Imagine your brain has been filled up with three quarts of molasses.  That is pretty much the effect a major loss event can have on your capacity to think, concentrate, feel and participate in life.

The words grief and recovery can be used together.  Moving through intense emotional pain has become such a misunderstood process that most of us have a very little idea of how to respond to loss.  What do we mean by recovery?  Recovery means feeling better.

We've all heard the statement, "The only things certain in life are death and taxes."  Those of you who are reading this website know that one more item must be added to these certainties:  loss.

Grievers talk about going up and down and in and out of feelings.  As a result of these emotional highs and lows, grievers often feel emotionally and physically drained.   

This program will work you through how to get over and get complete from the pain you are feeling.  It is never too soon to begin this process.  

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